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Aug 5, 2009 Hello world! August 5, 2009

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging! My name is Mona Gersky and I live in the mountains of western North Carolina.  I am a Realtor with Country Classic Real Estate in Sylva, NC. I’ve been a real estate agent since 2004 and in spite of current global rocky economics…I love it!  It is a pure form of advocacy for me, whether I represent the Seller or the Buyer.  The real estate “event” is the most important purchase or sale that most consumers will ever make.

There are a number of educational opportunities for real estate agents to take advantage of to enhance their craft.  Each course offers something of value and all courses have the same message to deliver…Take care of your Client and keep in touch with them.  There is NO advice more important from one Realtor to another to increase business than keep contact with your favorite Clients and Customers…forever! 

I’ve been very lucky over the past several years to have had mostly delightful and interesting clients.  That’s really important since the chances are you’ll be “one on one” with these folks for extended periods of time.  This is a huge change from my past life as a retailer.  In retail you are at the mercy of everyone entering your business.  Sure, some people are great and talk with you, but many of them talk at you!

Well, wish me luck on this foray into the world of blogging! Gentle advice is appreciated.


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