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Aug 18 2009 Back At It August 18, 2009

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Being new at blogging has its challenges. I “logged” out for the first time since I started blogging and then couldn’t log back in! I panicked, all of my readers (me) would be starved for my words of wisdom. Ha!

Started walking daily again after finishing up the GRI course. Very early walking and I really like it. My brain needs training in laying out my course for the day. There is an office meeting shortly, then clients will be doing a home inspection on their first home, I’ll try to take in an open house around lunch time, then a really smart guy is meeting with us about ways to maximize the office website, then there is floor duty at which time I’ll return calls and prepare for a couple of appointments tomorrow.

Good thing I was able to log back in and record these important words for posterity!


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