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Aug 20 2009 End of Day August 20, 2009

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What a day!  I’m getting the picture, it’s imperative to have a plan for the day. Maybe it will get easier.  I wonder,  do most Realtors start the day with a to do list and end up with an all done list by the end of the day? Today was spent showing property in Waynesville and while there I received a call from an old friend wanting advice about investment property. How great that I’ve had a couple of real estate investment courses through GRI and ABR! Now I get to have some hands on practice.

We got our grades today from GRI. Yippee! We ranked #3 and #4 out of a class of 52.  Of course, the only way to prove we’re commited to good real estate service is to utilize what we’ve learned.


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