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Aug 21 2009 Still Learning August 21, 2009

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Blogging is like falling off a log!!! Not really, but it is sure intriguing. The whole social media/networking thing will be interesting once I grasp it better, but so far it is fairly solitary.  I joined LinkedIn also. So far there are two contacts that I actually know.  What I’ll do with them I haven’t figured out yet.  Leslie found a good blog by Paul Castain that basically says…don’t just sit on your bottom, you have to work it. So, there are the 25 tips and I’m going to study more. I’m still trying to sift through things like tags, categories, titles…those things are still kind of a mystery to me.  I guess if I keep studying I’ll either be one of the most connected people or one of the most befuddled people on the internet.


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