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Aug 23 2009 Out in the Community August 23, 2009

Had a really nice time last night in Sylva, NC. The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce is holding a series of outdoor concerts in the little park on Scotts Creek. The performers last night were from Asheville, NC and go by the name of The High Windy Band. Here is a clip from You Tube: . We joined some former clients NOW FRIENDS there. Much to our delight we encountered several other real estate clients NOW FRIENDS while there. Nothing is sweeter to a real estate agent’s ego than encountering people you’ve done business with and they are smiling at you! (In a town as small as ours, it’s kind of like celebrity!) Ha! Our Country Classic Real Estate roommate, Hart Goodson was there with his wife Sara and a couple of their friends.

Anyway, the weather in Sylva, NC last night could not have been pleasanter. High 60s, breezy, no mosquitos or gnats…absolutely lovely. I could not believe when Leslie had suggested this outing earlier in the week because she is the champion stinging insect magnet.

Spent part of yesterday working on our database (such a cold name for a collection of contact information for people you like and have done business with). While there a couple we’d met while on floor duty at our previous real estate office a year ago called and wanted to stop by. We had a wonderful chance to sit down and get to know each other, the first chance we’d really ever had. Now it is easy to visualize what their goal is with regards to property in this area. Real estate is a person to person business!!! Face to face opportunities are like a gift. Turns out Sheryl is part of LinkedIn too, so that will be another nice facet for our working relationship.

Doesn’t appear anyone is reading this blog but me YET, but I was telling Leslie it doesn’t really matter. One of the instructors from the GRI training made the comment that a life worth living is a life worth recording. I’ve been in real estate for 5 years now and while I “know” how I spend my days…I really have never put as much constructive thought into it before.


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