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Aug 24, 2009 Touch August 24, 2009

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I struggled with the possibility of entitling this blog “Memory Lane” but then I thought…nah, that sounds way too fogeyish and maudlin. My efforts over the past few days remind me of the tremendous power and impact that sight, touch and sound have on all of us.  I listen to this Phoebe Snow recording and remember instantly the first time I heard her:

As I’ve been developing and working towards a meaningful way to keep track of and keep in touch with friends, family, clients and acquaintances it really has been a “touching” experience. Touching in that I’ve touched pen to paper instead of fingers to keyboard.

Antiquated method? I really hope not. I have names and numbers of some people (outside of family) going back thirty years! If we laughed hard, that’s what I remembered as I copied their contact information into my method, if they comforted me the last time I saw them…again I felt comforted, if my past experience with them allowed me to earn my living then I feel good that I helped them as much as they helped me, and if the last time together we cried I felt very fortunate to have shared something so deeply with another person.

The point (and as Ellen DeGeneres would say), I do have one…is that so many people have enriched my personal and professional life for so long that we cheat each other if occasionally we don’t touch each other’s name and life!


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