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Aug 30 2009 Purging August 29, 2009

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Business and home life have a lot in common. In both instances we accumulate too much stuff. Real estate can be a huge magnet for bits and pieces of information, papers, photos that you just know will come in handy…and sometimes it does. Every once in a while, however, the stacks need to be culled. Good things can happen 1) your desktop looks better, 2) you unearth potential prospects you’d forgotten about, 3) you update your contact database and throw out the bits of paper and 4) it is a tremendous feeling of renewal.

Your personal space in your home should be your temple!!! How can that happen when we delay reviewing our accumulated stuff? This weekend will be full of tackling the stuff in the carport, storage shed, lower cottage, upper cottage and main house. Much of it will be destined for a yard sale next weekend, no doubt much is destined for recycling, donation, or trash and the remainder will be the jewels. Not as in precious stones, but more like reacquainting ourselves with long forgotten favorite “stuff”.  George Carlin used to have a hilarious set on “stuff”.

Well, I’m off. I’ve scheduled this time and need to keep my own appointment.


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