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Sep 06, 2009 Post Yard Sale September 6, 2009

PHEW!!!!! What an exhausting day physically. I missed my walk early in the morning, but feel pretty confident that all of the lifting, lugging, tugging, carrying, standing, unpacking, repacking and wrestling made up for it.

We advertised to start at 8am, of course shoppers showed at 7am! I guess if we ever do this again, we’ll advertise for 8am and set up at 6 freaking am!  Found this very cute video about one woman’s yard sale experience.

Now that the yard sale is done and almost a dim memory, it is time to return to the track! One of our listings showed twice yesterday. I have an appt today to view a piece of investment property and possible write an offer. I need to get ready for an appt tomorrow to look at property.  I just signed up for a free E-Pro workshop in Arden on Sept 6th.  We hopefully will have a closing this week. I want to start cleaning the dog room so that I can prime and paint it.  I’m tired of looking at the brown panelling.

Lots to do.


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