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Sep 10,2009 What happened to my schedule? September 10, 2009

Had a cup of coffee with a friend yesterday. She started out a couple of years ago as a client. It happens. I’ve mentioned before that this real estate career has been full of fortunate happenstances…most of the clients were more than likeable and several have become friends.

Anyway, my friend is going through a decision making process of a different sort than I am, but the similarities are many. Baseline is pay attention to yourself, your health and well-being!!!! I was really glad to meet with her, it sort of pointed out to me that while results are important…the process is longer lasting.

So, I’ve reviewed what’s been happening since the GRI completion. I set a personal set of goals for 30 days.  Most things I’ve done religiously as I promised myself I would. That’s a yippee and the results of those commitments are fabulous. Some things, like keeping up this blog and keeping contact with my sphere have been done pretty well but definitely could be better. When I’ve made consistent effort, I’ve had consistent results. For example, the blog really acts as a great self-sounding board for me and just like the daily walking and thinking, really helps me define the next move.  The communication with my sphere is soooo rewarding.  I didn’t realize how easy it is to follow an isolationist’s path.  I like people (well, maybe not mean, nasty or bigoted people) but certainly most people. I like their kindnesses and their quirks.

So for me, I will continue with this first 30 day commitment and on the 15th of September will renew some of my goals, adjust others and define new ones. It actually sounds like a good idea to have a regular monthly meeting with me and me!


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