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Sep 11, 2009 Matchmaking September 11, 2009

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I honestly didn’t think about today being the anniversary of the day our country began slipping into madness…until I typed it out. While I still think we have spots of craziness it certainly doesn’t feel like it did during the last administration. Thank goodness.

Matchmaking? That’s an odd title, but I think that Real Estate is like matchmaking. You have two parties, Buyer and Seller, looking to pair up. I’ve shown a really great piece of property to a couple who’ve been looking for something to build their new home on and it is highly suitable. I’m also working with two other sets of Buyers that this property would work for.  With the trend that Buyers are currently following (analyzing to pieces and looking at EVERYTHING), I’m afraid I might need to be a little pushy with all sets of Buyers.  I’ll call the first set today and ask if they have made a decision. If not, let them know that I have duties to other buyers and will need to bring the property to their attention also.  It’s sort of a weird feeling to do that…but a good agent doesn’t let a great piece of property not get exposed to the most likely buyers.

I have floor duty in 45 minutes so guess I’d better get going.


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