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Sep 12, 2009 Busy Day Ahead September 12, 2009

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Took my walk today and on the way back up the driveway trimmed back the forsythia, finally. Came back in the house, picked up Sabrina (little girl Peke) and scissor trimmed her, visited verizonwireless…in the market  for a new phone, getting ready to go weed, weed eat and mow. The grass is hip-high having been without the mower for about a month, Yikes. Want to sweep out dog room and wash down the walls in preparation for priming the panelling and painting over it in the next couple of weeks, do a trash run to the recycling center and visit the public library in Waynesville for a book on productivity and scheduling. Thought I might also see what kinds of books there are on blogging. Not that I need or crave attention on this blog, but I do know that my mother and brother visit it occasionally without comment. If I can’t even get my family to comment on the blog…maybe there are tips in a book! 

Kind of funny if you think about it, going to the library to pick up a “book” on blogging.  I’ll check back in on this blog at the end of the day and do a progress report…unless I’m too tired!


2 Responses to “Sep 12, 2009 Busy Day Ahead”

  1. Hi. Just saw your blog, I just started a blog myself and am brand new to it. You mentioned no one comments on your posts. Is that the same with most blogs? Do bloggers read other bloggers and comment on their posts? Is it sort of a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ kind of thing; you comment on my blog, I’ll comment on yours? Blogging has opened the universe to millions of writers who never would have been published in the days before electronic media (unless they paid a publisher). If we’re all “publishers” in this new age of blogs, who are our readers?

    • monagersky Says:

      Hello Owen,
      Sorry to take so long in responding.

      You might try attaching a link to your blog (after you start writing on your blog) to the signature portion of your emails. You could also do a search on wordpress for other people with similar interests (like travel by rail), read their blogs and comment, then invite them to your blog.

      Treat your blog in the beginning like a journal. Get used to writing and good luck to you.

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