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Sep 13, 2009 Filling My Head September 13, 2009

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Funny how long it takes to realize that most motivational books, speakers, cds and classes have recurring themes. They all want the participant to take an active analytical look at yourself!  What a concept? In depth consideration about what you fill your physical body with and your mental self with.  The further I go with this the more I realize it is the path I started out on when I was a teenager and continued into my mid twenties. My “mother earth” period. I chose to eat whole foods (even went as far as making my own CRACKERS), I did Yoga, meditated and walked everywhere, my reading in addition to novels was about health and well being. I don’t know why I got away from it, sure wish I’d stayed on the same path. Oh well, I guess better late than never!

I’ve begun reading  a book by Deepak Chopra called The SevenSpiritual Laws of Success. The first chapter deals with self-referral vs object-referral, influencing yourself rather than letting objects being your influence. Also, the self-training to not be judgmental and to become comfortable with silence.  I used to study this…maybe it will be like riding a bike (you never forget).

Today will be ample opportunity to reflect on the first chapter…silence and communing with nature while weeding out another bed. Not so much silence when the weed eater gets cranked up. 

While going through all of these activities, Real Estate comes into my mind. This past week of really contacting our sphere has been delightful. It is good to be in touch with people, just for the sake of keeping in touch. Any referrals will be an additional bonus.

A very cool thing happened yesterday on the way into the Waynesville Public Library. A woman who I haven’t seen in probably 10 years stopped me and said hello, that she’d seen the GRI article about Leslie and me and then wished us great success!

Will check in again tonight.


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