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Sep 24, 2009 Getting Real September 24, 2009

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Every single cd I listen to, every video I watch, every book I read about goal setting and achievement reaching starts the same way…WRITE IT DOWN!!! I have not done that yet, until today. I’ve just started reading a book called “Dreams into Actions” by Milton Katselas. He’s taken all the same concepts everyone talks about and put them into short, well written chapters with an assignment or call to action at the end of each paragraph. So…I’ve started writing them down.

We have a new owner at Country Classic Real Estate in Sylva. Her name is Jane Clark. Leslie and I actually have some history with her family from Venture Out times. They used to be customers. She is very sharp and well educated. In fact, she has been an instructor of real estate, an appraiser and a paralegal.  Boy, is she shaking things up at the office. It’s slightly uncomfortable, but mostly in a sense of its always uncomfortable when there is construction going on in your house while you are trying to live there!  We think there will be a couple of weeks of turmoil and choppy seas but after that, it should smooth out.

The saga of the trailer with the tree damage is still unsettled. Hope to hear today if the buyer will proceed with closing and is in agreement with the Seller’s plan to repair.

Met an interesting potential new client yesterday. It’s a nice house in a good area. The trick will be to price it right, but then isn’t that always the case?

I had a good walk today…glad there was no rain this a.m. The sky was pink though, we’ll see what happens.

I’m off to shower and get ready for the work day now.


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