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Oct 08, 2009 Where Does the Time Go? October 8, 2009

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Have you ever had a week that lasted for three weeks? That is exactly how this one feels…and it is only Thursday. Thank goodness last Saturday we went to the John C Campbell Arts Festival and had a wonderful time!

It isn’t easy trying to shake loose from the drama of day to day living sometime. Yesterday was loaded with drama. I walked in the rain in the morning on my usual route. The dogs at the end of the road usually only defend their own property…no big deal. The barking is easy to ignore. Yesterday however, they decided their territory had expanded to include the public road and followed me, barking and baring their teeth. Now, its a big deal. So of course the walk back home was completely polluted with thoughts of either calling the sheriff or the owners. Grrrr.  Neither action was very appealing. Unless, I thought the results would be that the owner of the dog could end up in the animal shelter! Not likely though.  Leslie convinced me to walk a different path, which at first I resisted…the principle of the matter you see.  Well, today I took the different path and it was a better walk. A pretty good illustration of some of the principles I’ve been reading about. Bend like a willow instead of snapping like a pine!

Well, today’s a new day, right?


One Response to “Oct 08, 2009 Where Does the Time Go?”

  1. Joyce Says:

    It is amazing that sometimes other peoples ideas are a better way to go.

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