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Oct 12 2009 What a Great Day! October 12, 2009

My day started with my 1.5 mile walk this a.m. at about 7am. Weather was cool and overcast. I got a pretty good work out, still trying to do the “power walk” and decided today is the day I will call the man in Dillsboro and ask him to mentor me with the walking technique…sure would hate to hurt myself while trying to get healthier!

I got back, turned on the computer, had my homemade wholewheat toast and tea and then read my emails.

WHOA!!!  Got some wonderful news from a wonderful young man who used to work for us in the camping and backpacking store.  He and his beautiful wife just had a new baby a few weeks ago.  A little girl, incredibly precious.  This type of event is hopeful for the future.  Society will only begin to be kinder and gentler when young people like this couple raise their children in non-sexist and non-traditional manners. I am so excited for them.  We absolutely adored having Brad in our sphere for the time he lived in this area. We’d lost touch but are ecstatic to be hearing from him again.

Spent the afternoon yesterday on the Blue Ridge Parkway at the Water Rock Knob Overlook.

We are so lucky to live here!

We are so lucky to live here!

Can you believe this picture is from a parking lot? A parking lot!

Can you believe this picture is from a parking lot? A parking lot!

Beautiful Red Colored Berries

Beautiful Red Colored Berries

It was a lovely afternoon with perfect weather. Just right for hiking. We ran into past Venture Out customers who still recognized us…that’s pretty exciting! There were a lot of people there, both locals and visitors. Everyone seemed to be in a friendly mood. Can’t wait to go back.

Have a great day today!


One Response to “Oct 12 2009 What a Great Day!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Added this to the favorites on this computer and found I had already ready the posting for the 12th.
    I am ready for more to read.

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