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Oct 23 2009 Making Tracks October 23, 2009

I am so excited about getting new tires today! I’ll be making tracks with new treads. Life is good thanks to my generous family.  Real estate is a big challenge still.  The amount of work invested hasn’t been balanced out by commission received. There are so many hidden issues with all deals.  The little trailer contract fell apart.  The river land and house contract fell apart. Yikes, it makes it hard to buy your own tires!

Country Classic had a “meet and greet” table at the Western Carolina University (WCU) Staff Appreciation Event.  It was very nice. I got to see many people I had not seen in quite some time.  There is a possibility of 3 or 4 people needing to buy a house in the next year, but nothing immediately.  That’s how it works though.  A good Realtor establishes relationships with people and eventually those relationships will lead to referrals for business.

Things continue to look good for Country Classic. The new Broker is still cleaning house, so to speak. It feels good and professional.

The weather has been interesting this past week. Some indication of winter and then a warming trend.  I walked in shorts this morning, the temp was 56 and there is sure to be rain before the day is out.

Busy day today. First the tires in just a little bit, then lunch with the BIC and a client, then prep work for an appointment to show tomorrow, then an open house for an attorney in town who’s gone out on her own.  A lot of running around…making tracks in my new tires!

Have a wonderful day!


One Response to “Oct 23 2009 Making Tracks”

  1. Mom Says:

    Today is the 27th and I am waiting for the next installment on your blog!

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