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Oct 30 2009 Time Flies October 30, 2009

Good Morning! My walk this morning was in a comfortable 49 degree atmosphere. Still wearing shorts to walk, but a few more degrees lower and the attire will need to change.

Speaking of tires…my new tires are just great. I can tell a big difference in the way the car is handling, especially on steep gravel roads and in the rain. What a relief. Especially if you work in real estate.

The week has been very busy.  Right after graduating from GRI, I made a commitment to actually follow through on some of what I’ve learned regarding contacts.  Staying in touch with current clients, past clients, friends and family.  It really works, not only do they start seeing my in the light of a professional Realtor…so do I!

We’ve gotten 4 new listings this week. One from long time acquaintances, one from a referral and two from an agent who left our company.  We are also working with three viable buyer clients…one land, one small house and one good sized house.  We’re are hoping all three will contract to purchase and close before the end of the year.  That would almost be like making a living again!

Tonight is a costume party with another long time acquaintance. We don’t know what to expect, but the hostess guaranteed we would know many of the other guests from our Venture Out days and from real estate.  I’m going with plans of having a good time and re-connecting with people I may not have seen in a while.  We will go as “undercover operators”, arrive with masks and black outfits. The masks will come off quickly no doubt.

Today is very busy with entering new listings and preparing listing agreements for other clients.  Oh yeah, also I have a haircut appt in an hour.

Have a fortunate day!


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