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Nov 01 2009 Grits Bread November 1, 2009

Good Morning! I had a wonderful walk this a.m. in 39 degree weather…no shorts today! I also just finished one of my favorite breakfasts – poached eggs on grits toast.  I know my most loyal reader loves poached eggs and I urge her to try this.  I’ll even put the recipe here:

GRITS BREAD (from The Bread Machine Cookbook by Donna Rathmell German)

Recipe is for a 1 pound loaf. The range in the water measurement will be determined by how fresh the cooked grits are. Fresh grits will require less water than those that are leftover and refrigerated.  The water is added while the machine is kneading.

1 tsp yeast…2 cups bread flour…2 tsp sugar…3/4 tsp salt…1 tbs margarine…1 cup cooked grits…2 to 4 tbs water

Bake on basic cycle. Hugely flavorable and great consistency…toasted or not.

Okay, yesterday was very productive. Showed property in the pouring rain and the effort actually resulted in an offer and a contract! Yippee! That is what it is all about.  I also made an appointment for Wednesday to meet with someone about a new listing and eventually they will need a new house. 

I’ve been listening to a cd about interpersonal communication.  I think I’ll head into either Waynesville or Sylva to see what those public libraries have to offer on the topic.  The whole premise is that in dialog, the sender is always clear in their head what message they are delivering.  The receiver, however, usually does not “get” the message as it was intended.  Based on the receiver’s life experience and values, the message gets interpreted before it is digested which can lead to a reaction instead of a response.  Reactions can include misunderstanding, hurt feelings, anger and a whole host of unintended emotions.  I’d like to get a better grasp on how to be more intentional when I deliver a thought or message and to get a better understanding of the ways the people I’m speaking to might “interpret” what I’m saying.  Should be interesting and really beneficial in many aspects of my life.  We’ll see.

We are thinking that we may sideline our website for a while, we have access to the Country Classic website which gets far more attention than ours and we don’t have to pay monthly to maintain it! I am considering attaching a link to this blog to my email signature.  Guess that will put me on the hook to keep up with it!

Have a great day!


3 Responses to “Nov 01 2009 Grits Bread”

  1. Mom Says:

    The recipe sounds interesting – can you use instant grits or do you have to cook the real stuff?

  2. Mom Says:

    Somehow thought you always used long cooking type grits

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