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Dec 06 2009 Need to Catch Up! December 6, 2009

Good morning. I guess its been a ridiculously long time since I blogged and there is no great excuse.  Thanksgiving was really nice and my parents were here for a few days over the holiday. We had a wonderful visit. I’m glad they didn’t wait until this week to come…my morning walk today was in 19 degree weather. Verrrry brrrr. We had our first real snow yesterday and it made walking really pretty and quiet.  There was no snow on the roads, but occasionally there was some patchy black ice.

Our vet invited clients of the animal hospital to a Christmas memorial for pets that have passed away during the year. Everyone could bring a photo and story to hang on the tree.  We decided to create a collage of ALL the pets who’ve passed away, worked really hard on it to be ready before the party.  We drove to Waynesville on Friday just to discover we’d read the invitation wrong, the party was for Saturday!  So, Saturday was the day it started snowing. Around 3pm the vet’s office called…they are postponing the ceremony. Apparently some of the less hardy clients had called to cancel.  Oh well, we’re ready as soon as they re-schedule.

Since the party was aborted, on the way home we stopped in at the new Best Buy in Hazelwood since we’d never been there. Certainly not because we have money to spend! But, since my cell phone’s screen is cracked so badly I cannot even read it, I thought Best Buy might be a good place to at least start researching new phones.  We were so lucky to go on that night, we met the sharpest and nicest young guy who was really great at explaining the phones that would best meet my needs.  He was also thoroughly familiar with Verizon’s plans.  Turns out it is time for me to have a new contract anyway, so he’s figured out a way to reduce my cell phone bill by $20 a month plus there is an incentive right now that we can both get our phones replaced…at no cost!  How about that?  We’ll go back tomorrow to take care of it.

We’ve been very worried, like the rest of the country, about cash and meeting our monthly financial obligations.  Even though we are working with some new home buyers, that will not happen immediately.  I had hoped that I could perform some Broker Price Opinions for real estate asset management companies, but the NC Real Estate Commission has decreed that unless an agent has a “reasonable expectation” of getting a listing as a result of the BPO, we cannot perform them without risk of losing our real estate licenses.  I will be researching these companies this week to find out how to get in line for those listings.  Again, though, that won’t be immediate pay off.

We will continue to be very thrifty and continue to pare down non-essentials hoping to wait out the economy.

Wish us luck and have a great day.


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  1. Mom Says:

    I would think that your lack of power would definitely give you a blog topic,

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