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Dec 13 2009 A lot To Catch Up With December 13, 2009

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Good Morning.  I’ve found myself slipping into some bad habits again, so guess its time for another self-commitment.  Today is the last day for computer games for 30 days. The weather is playing havoc with my walking schedule, so all I can do is the best I can do! Walk every day that it isn’t raining, below 15 degrees or icy.  I’ve got to get back on the morning routine…go walk, eat my toast and drink my tea and read a good book.

Like I said, the weather has been dicey lately. We went to Waynesville last night for the “Night Before Christmas” festival. It was drizzling light rain and the temp was about 34 degrees. We headed home approx 9pm and as we approached home the temp dropped to 28 degrees. While on our road, I thought I felt the car slip on the road so I drove slowly to the driveway and then up the driveway. When I got out of the car, the blacktop felt okay but the rock patio leading to the front door was solid ice! Overnight the temp rose to 42 deg so the ice wasn’t an issue in the morning…we still had rain though.

Last week there were incredible wind storms that knocked out the electric power for a couple thousand people. Ours was out for about 20 hrs. What a drag. Our phones (land lines) were also out.

Early in the week, we went to Best Buy and finally, I got a new cell phone. It didn’t cost a penny. I really like it, it is a Verizon LG ENV3.

We are currently working with four separate buyers and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they all find what they want and we end up with good contracts.

Have a great day!


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