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Dec 21 2009 Snowed In December 21, 2009

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Good morning! We are stir crazy, cabin fevered and bored out of our skulls. It started snowing here on Friday morning and didn’t stop until Saturday evening. Over 12″ of snow in Balsam, NC. Absolutely beautiful and we are grateful that we only lost power for about an hour tops. However, 12″ of snow adorns our very long driveway…making it a lot of work to get in and out of the property. We’ll be attempting it today though. Three days of confinement is enough for now.

Taking care of the dogs in this kind of snow is a huge challenge. The water bowls freeze over and the very littlest dogs have to leap through the snow. Their fur causes snow to cling to them and forms snowballs. When they come back inside, they have to be toweled and blow-dried.  They are tired of the routine and so are we!

The weather this morning is 22 degrees, but according to the internet weather report it should be high 30’s today. Big whoop…all that means is that it will melt a bit and refreeze overnight.  Christmas Eve is supposed to bring some sort of ice storm.  Not sure when we’ll see our driveway again!

Only a third of the way into the storm!!!


2 Responses to “Dec 21 2009 Snowed In”

  1. Mom Says:

    Sounds like you have had a long three days. Do not have a heart attack clearing that drive and be very careful driving.

  2. Mom Says:

    Today is the 29th and am waiting for an update.

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