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Jan 24, 2010 Real Estate January 24, 2010

I’m sitting at the computer (of course) and looking out the sliding glass doors at the gray weather and watching the trees whip back and forth from the high winds. Since it is supposed to rain most of the day, it will be a good use of time to work on this group of new listings we are getting.

Right now it seems like most of our new clients have their roots with us in the Venture Out store.  Guess that is the way it should work…reach out to people you’ve worked well with in the past. So, not only do we get to re-connect with some pretty nice people…we also get to be helpful in these important transactions.

Our dog Buddy has been under the weather and we finally were able to connect with the vet to figure out what to do.  Turns out he has an over-production of a normal bacteria that we need to medicate for. Thankfully we had the medication already from a time when Cassidy the coon hound needed it.

Everyone else seems to be fine although Frosty the pekingnese male seems to feel like bullying Lazer the kween kitty.  He’s had to be reminded (not gently) a couple times this week that he can live in the dungeon if he persists in his ungentlemanly like behavior.

Our weather has been milder but like the rest of the country we are dreading the upcoming electric bill and are a little alarmed at the rate we’ve been using propane.  I never remember hoping for spring to arrive this early in winter.

We have two properties under contract and there seems to be no problems with them at the time.  Looking forward to some income by middle of February.

We put our Food Lion gift to very good use this week.  I’d gotten distracted and out of the habit of planning good healthy meals. I dug out the American Heart Assoc cookbook and the low glucose cookbook and have meals lined up that my parents would like!  If I don’t cook right and plan right then we end up resorting to fast food during lunches at work and relying on those meals are pretty deadly for us.

Well, have a good day and while I’m working today I will be counting my blessings for the good things in my life and the people who’ve always trusted and believed in me.  I’ll also be thinking about the awful upheaval in the lives of the Haitian people.


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