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Apr 3, 2010 April 3, 2010

Good morning! Hard to believe how quickly the weather changes…seems like just last week my walking weather was freezing and now here it is in the high 50s. Very comfortable.

Turns out that working from home is pretty darned cool. With two computers and a high speed connection, we can be pretty productive and are able to maintain a good level of work ethic.  I was afraid the temptation to goof off would predominate but not yet.

Since the company we’ve chosen to go with does provide a printer at the office but not a very high speed printer, we have been doing a lot of our printing at home.  Of course, since that is a direct connection to our pocketbook we are quickly realizing the awful cost of mass printing!  We’ve chosen to scan/email completed documents for ourselves and clients and just print for the office.  Turns out to be a tremendous savings financially and environmentally.  Real Estate produces a ridiculous amount of paperwork.

On the other front, we’ve chosen to take our former real estate employer to small claims court to collect our complete commission.  Real estate is all about documentation and thank goodness we have it.

We had dinner the other night with former clients and now friends at the new Greek restaurant in Dillsboro.  We may have just hit it on a bad night, but we are reserving judgement of the restaurant until we try it one more time.  It was incredibly noisy, lots of families…which is nice for the families. Not so nice for quiet talking.  The restaurant also has a couple of large screen televisions in it.  What’s up with that???? Even though they did not have the sound on, there were news programs running with all the multitude of captions reminding everyone that the media chooses not to promote any of the good news.  Very distracting.

Well…I guess we will do some work at home and then go into town.  Sienna is bored out of her mind with staying at home and I want to go to the office and save the photos from the computer onto a flash drive.  Might even do a little grocery shopping since a very good fairy has provided a gift card to our local grocery store.  What would life be like without our good fairies?

Have a great day.


One Response to “Apr 3, 2010”

  1. Mom Says:

    It has been almost two weeks.

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