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April 17, 2010 April 17, 2010

Good Morning, I’m sitting here at the beginning of the day pretending that I have a normal life. Pretending that there isn’t a nutcase female determined to turn our lives into a series of chaotic episodes…because that is what she lives in. Deep breath in….deep breath out.

We won the judgement in the small claims court. That did not make the adversary very happy. We have 10 calendar days to see if she appeals the case or pays us.  After the 10th day we can go back to the Clerk of Court and issue a Notice of Execution…ominous words, aren’t they?  Then it is my understanding that the Sheriff can seize property to auction off to pay the amount of the judgement PLUS our court costs.  Who would want to put themselves through this?

In the meantime, here in the REAL world there is spring everywhere. Anyone with an allergy to pollen is just miserable.  This would be the time of year to invest in tissue stock. It is beautiful and lush looking, especially the grass.  If there is time today after I get off of floor duty and write a listing agreement, I may come home and tackle the lawn.  We have been tackling all of the dead wood.

We are so fortunate that there is a really nice young man in Sylva who heats with wood, plus enjoys the whole harvesting thing and loves being in our woods.  He has been hugely helpful getting rid of problematic dead, dying or dangling trees for us.  It creates a lot of extra brush and small stuff that we need to deal with. So, we’ve become reacquainted with the chain saw, maul and wedge and turn into regular Paula Bunyons.

Have a great day. I love my readers!


One Response to “April 17, 2010”

  1. Mom Says:

    Time for another entry – I am looking forward to the new chapter.

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