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April 25,2010 Near Tragedy Yesterday April 25, 2010

The Greening Up The Mountains Festival was held for the 10th year yesterday in Sylva. The weather forecast has been for terrible thunderstorms to occur at the same time. Everyone in the area woke up yesterday to find overcast skies, but no storm.

We gathered up the number one little orange dog, stopped to see a client and her college girlfriends and then headed into Sylva for the festival.  It was great.  Leslie had brought some Greenpeace cards to collect signatures to send the administration to NOT overturn the ban on commercial whaling, we easily collect signatures on all of the cards and then prepared to enjoy the festival. We ran into April at the festival and while we were all walking the festival it started to rain fairly hard.

We retreated to the real estate office and decided to pack it in for the day. I had the big umbrella so we gathered our stuff and headed off for the car.  As we walked down a side street towards Mill St., we all noticed a black SUV with two big dogs in the back seat with the window all the way down. We didn’t even think much about it when one of the dogs stood halfway out of the window.  As we turned to walk down the street, all of a sudden both of the big dogs were out of the vehicle and running towards SiSi! I used the open umbrella to keep the dogs off Sisi and we all started shouting at the dogs.  There were a tremendous number of people around because of the festival.  The two traffic policemen tried to help us and while we were busy trying to deflect the big dogs from Sisi, Leslie was trying to reel in the leash and pick up SiSi.  At the last minute, SiSi, in a panic slipped out of her leash and bolted for Main St.  Several bystanders tried to catch and pick her up for us, but she was too scared and completely in survival mode. April stayed to take care of Leslie and I ran after SiSi and the two big dogs. On the way, a Realtor we used to work with, also took up the chase as well as the owner of the two other dogs.

Can you believe that SiSi ran directly to our real estate office?  Unfortunately, the door was shut and it was several tense minutes before we were able to corral her into the office, but boy was that ever scary.  Leslie had to take a Nitro tablet and we both had muscle strain and headaches for the rest of the day.

This morning, I am headed out to show a few houses. I think Leslie and SiSi will take a day of rest!

Have a good day.


2 Responses to “April 25,2010 Near Tragedy Yesterday”

  1. Noturus Says:

    Thank goodness your Sisi wasn’t hurt! I usually carry some pepper spray when I walk my small dogs just in case some big dog (or person) decides to make trouble.

  2. Mom Says:

    It is now May and past time for new blog.

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