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Aug 14, 2010 August 14, 2010

My mother asked yesterday whether or not I would ever pick up my blog again. Funny she should ask, because I had been thinking I would start again tomorrow. Aug 15 is the anniversary date of graduating from GRI and the goal setting I did then.

I haven’t done badly with the goals. The weight has stayed off, pretty much I’ve kept up the walking…been some back-sliding though. I’ve picked up a new habit of scrabble playing online. Oh well…

The last year has been really tough. We left the agency of the nut-case owner and started with another agency on Main St in Sylva. We’ve had some good closings, but boy do we have to work for them! Nothing seems to be easy.  Have gained some real respect for all of the work an especially good paralegal/attorney team can do.

Fewer and fewer new agents are joining the industry and slowly but surely most of the “part-timers” are dropping out. That’s good, this is completely a full time profession and clients deserve to have a full-time commitment from their agent.

I’m counting on things continuing to improve, so I will feel like blogging. Who wants to read the blogger of a whiner????


One Response to “Aug 14, 2010”

  1. Mom Says:

    Really glad that you are back to writing your column. Please keep it up.

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