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Aug 16, 2010 Stupid Power Plays August 16, 2010

Well, as expected, we have a problem with the Seller’s real estate agent. With better than two days notice, she is denying access to the house  our Buyer has under contract. Why? Because she has the key.

The day is very cool in temperature this morning.  I believe it is supposed to be hot before the day is out.  Without air conditioning in the house, that means we will be very warmish towards dinner time.  I bought chicken breasts yesterday that I will cut in half, marinade and then grill tonight. That helps keep some of the heat down.

Today, besides tackling the Reasonable Access issue with the other real estate agent, Leslie will design the Open House flyer so that we can get it distributed in plenty of time for people to get the event on their calendars.

While its still cool outside, I’m going to drag all the boxwood corpses down to the wood pile. I got interupted yesterday by the rain.

Have a great day.


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