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Aug 20, 2010 Turkeys and Deer August 20, 2010

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I went to a client’s home yesterday afternoon with a yard guy because the last yard guy took money and didn’t do any work! Can you imagine?  Anyway, on the drive up the yard guy saw a red tailed hawk and I saw three huge deer.  One had antlers.  They were so fast, they ran down a steep hill and jumped a wide creek and ran up another steep hill in a matter of seconds.  It was like being in a Disney movie.

On my walk for the last month or so have been a family of turkeys. Not the human kind, the turkey kind.  They grow really fast.  I think they’ve come to recognize me and realize that I am not going to accost them because they no longer scatter rapidly.  This morning, from a distance one of the turkeys looked like it was laying down in the road.  All of the other turkey family members were standing around it…and not moving as I was approaching.  All I could think was that some poor turkey got wounded by a car and I would get turkey ravaged as I came closer.  Not really being a turkey expert (other than recognizing the trait in humans), I didn’t want to take a chance that turkeys might be kin to geese and get really aggressive.  I clapped by hands several times and they did scatter up to the parkway. Phew.

The drama continues on this contract that is due to close next week.  Now it seems as though the seller has accumulated quite a bit of bad debt in the past.  The attorneys are checking to be sure that the property we will be closing (hopefully) on does not attach to this debt.

Never a freaking dull moment.


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