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Aug 21, 2010 It’s A Pretty Nice Road August 21, 2010

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I extended my walk today and carried my camera hoping to catch a photo of my new turkey friends.  I walk early enough that usually there is no traffic. Especially on the weekends. Did it work out that way today?  Nooooo. The Orkin truck passed by me and probably scattered the turkeys. Maybe tomorrow.

Extending the walk and carrying my camera though reminded my what a really nice road I live on.  I’ll try to get a good photo tomorrow, not really delighted with the ones I got today.  The road is tree-lined with all kinds of interesting vegetation.  I did see a pretty cool white mushroom on a bank today.  It was really tall, probably 8 inches high and 5 inches wide.

Making the walk longer also gives a better time frame for processing thoughts.  I’d forgotten how satisfying it is to combine walking with returning home to a hot cup of tea and sitting down to blog.

Lazerkitty is in kidney failure and that is presenting the typical feeding issues…keeping her interested in food that isn’t harmful to her diminished kidney function.  Leslie was researching the disease and read that by the time kidneys are failing to the point they show up in blood work, there can already be damage to 70% of the kidney.  She is a challenge since she has always been a finicky eater.

Every one else seems to be fine.  Buddy has managed to continue 16 months past the time we thought we’d lose him due to his heart problem.  He eats like a horse, just as he always has.  During my time off from blogging, Miss Parker passed away. So quickly. One week we noticed she wasn’t eating as normal, took her into the vets and discovered she had a tumor in her liver large enough to press against the stomach cavity preventing her from wanting food.  After she passed away, the dog community changed and the “play” areas got rearranged.  For the first time in twenty years, we actually have peace and quiet more often than not. Weird.

I’m going over to paint stain blocker on the ceiling of the cottage.  We just had the roofing company come out to patch up the aging roof.  Now, I’ll get rid of the stain to be sure the leak is gone for good.  I think it is…until next time at least.

It looks like rain today, I finally got new windshield wiper blades so bring it on! We are headed into Sylva today for floor duty plus an appointment with a new potential buyer.

Have a good day!


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