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Aug 23, 2010 Laying Out the Week August 23, 2010

My turkeys greeted me on the walk out to the highway and on the way back.  I’d taken my camera but the battery was low and I’m not sure the flash was bright enough – I’ll check the photos later.

This past weekend was full of house maintenance. Yesterday I was on the carport roof dodging huge hornets and limbing trees, cleaning gutters, destroying moss on the roof and cleaning the picture window.  I also primed the ceiling where the leak had (hopefully) been.

This morning I will make a couple of flyers for a client who has some beautiful property in Tuckasegee.  While houses are starting to pick up in sales in our area, land is still pretty slow.   We are encouraging him to forward the flyers to his acquaintances.

Another client is considering subdividing his farmhouse from the large tract it is on, so we need to work on re-pricing that property.

We are waiting with anxiety to see if the house we have under contract for a client will close tomorrow.  Also waiting to hear from the other real estate agent about coordinating for a final walk through and to be sure the washing machine they finally put in the house works.

I have a new potential buyer coming tomorrow to look at small houses. Fingers crossed that his appointment won’t interfere with the closing.

I guess before the week is out it will all get filled up with stuff to take care of.

Have a good day.


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