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Aug 29, 2010 Boss Kitty August 29, 2010

It is pretty obvious that Lazerkitty does not know she only has 30% or so function in her kidneys.  The way we feed her has definitely gotten more expensive and more of a challenge.  She needs to eat mostly canned food for the moisture content and because she only has one tooth…which she also doesn’t realize.  Of course, it can’t be just any kind of canned cat food.  Not the mass produced commercial type available anywhere in a gazillion varieties, fairly inexpensive,  That kind of food is full of junk and the kidneys cannot process it. Plus, I guess she saw a register receipt and determined we weren’t spending enough money on her food.  She tired rapidly of the prescription K/D.  We have NEVER known a sick pet to stick with the prescription diet very long. Ms Lazer prefers the Wellness brand of cat food, found in pet specialty stores.  Cost is the same as the prescription diet, but the variety is better and uses all natural ingredients.  She demands small portions on a frequent basis, liberally sprinkled with shredded grilled chicken, sharp cheddar cheese or weirdest of all…whole wheat bread crumbs!  Yep, its turned into a short order restaurant for the cat.  Whatever it takes.

I was talking to a friend in the office yesterday about walking and blogging.  For me it’s a symbiotic relationship.  If I walk regularly, I like to blog regularly.  The walking wakes up the brain cells and processes the stuff that has gone on or will go on.

I increased my walking distance today and finished in a shorter amount of time.  Came back hot and sweaty and looking forward to my cup of apple cinnamon tea and blogging about a few subjects.  However, the second I opened the door…Boss Kitty started meowing from her condo for immediate attention. Hence, the title of today’s blog.

Have a pretty full day today. No such thing as all Sundays off for Real Estate professionals. Sometimes working buyers only have Sundays to look at property.  Today we will show a listing we used to have in Sylva.  The property has been listed by almost every agency in town over the last 5 or 6 years.  The sellers started out listing it for a ridiculously high price, insisted on being present for all showings, needing 24 hours notice and not really having their hearts and minds set on selling.  Recently, the wife passed away and the husband has moved away. Now, he is motivated…to a point.  He had his furniture auctioned off.  He lowered his price. Then he hired an auctioneer to auction off the property.  He didn’t publish a reserve on the price. Only three bidders showed, and as investors will do…bid less than half of the list price.  The seller refused and the house is still there.   Glad we don’t have the listing any longer.  The seller has just basically announced to the community…DESPERATE FOR A SALE! 

We have an accepted offer for the singlewide we’ve had listed for some time now.  Should close mid October.  If all goes well, this will be great for all parties concerned.

When we get back, if possible I need to cut the grass and then do some research for a commitment I’ve accepted with the county.  Along with two other citizens, I will be acting as a commissioner in a case of a public utility condemning private property for a right of way for the utility.  Our job is to put a value to the property.  We walked the property yesterday and NO TICKS!!!! I was very happy about that.  I’ll know in a few days if I can say the same about poison ivy.

That’s it for the day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll blog about the snake in the house!

Have a good day.


One Response to “Aug 29, 2010 Boss Kitty”

  1. Mom Says:

    Snake in which house and where!

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