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Sep 1, 2010 A Snake in the House September 1, 2010

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Okay, so we were sitting on the couch the other evening talking about how punky Lazerkitty seemed to be feeling.  She’d eaten really well that morning and it sort of appeared that she gets pretty logey the more she eats.

Anyway, all of a sudden she stalked over to the library table and went into “hunter mode”.  We thought, oh great – ANOTHER FIELD MOUSE!!! So, we start fretting about having to chase a mouse and the whole ickkk factor when Boss Kitty pounced on something behind the table. We were expecting a tiny field mouse to come tearing out from under the table as if the demons of hell were chasing it….but nooooooo….out slithers a 12-15″ black snake heading towards us and the LazyBoy chair.  Sure enough, right under the recliner (which was in the laid back position).  Leslie got sentry duty and I ran downstairs to devise a snake catcher container.  Turns out there is a bonus to buying kitty litter in 42 pound plastic containers – great snake catchers.  I ran back upstairs and still no appearance of the snake.  We have to extend the chair fully back before it can come to the upright position, we do that and then tip the chair.  There it is and as we feared…flat.  But wait, we go ahead and cover it with the snake catcher and sure enough…not so flat. In fact, pretty panicked.  So while it’s trapped under the bucket, we slide a big piece of poster board under the bucket and tip the bucket upright.  Pretty active little fellow trying to get out.  We ran the bucket outside and turned the snake loose.  Sure would love to know what he told his snake buddies!

Back inside, trying to recapture the storyline on Rizzoli and Isles…when Lazer heads back to the corner.  We’re thinking, snake babies.  But nope, she was just trying to show us where the entry place was.  A teeny, tiny space beside the fireplace allowed just enough room for the snake to enter.  Its been fixed and we no longer live in a snake den.

Funny, huh?

Finally, the hellish real estate deal closed yesterday and the buyer is thrilled.  Now, we need to hold the singlewide deal together.  The seller is out of the country and had the power turned off.  Somehow, she’ll need to make arrangements so that the buyer and his wife can take care of their inspections this weekend.  Its always something.

This afternoon I’ll meet with the two other commissioners to compare our valuation for the utility easement on a piece of Whittier property.

I’d better get going.


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