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Nov 2 Everything Is A Vote November 2, 2010

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Good morning.

Don’t forget to vote, don’t forget to vote, don’t forget to vote.  Of course, the intention for the last two weeks was to vote early.  Life, as always, is distracting.

The health news from Florida is that the treatments have gone off as predicted.  Perhaps the treatment mixed up with the medications and stress have caused a lack of appetite and weariness.  I wish I had the power to accelerate the process so that these two people who I love so much could return to their normal day-to-day activities.  Our family is big (not literally) on enjoying good food with those we love and I want that back for them.

On the real estate front.  Still have 2 closings we are waiting on.  At the last minute before closing, it was discovered that the little trailer and its neighbors did not have a road right of way into the development. The previous attorney certified clear title and now cannot be located.  The buyer’s attorney has a cracker jack paralegal who discovered the problem.  We no longer recommend buyer and seller sharing an attorney for just this reason…issues.  The other closing is a vacant lot that originally the buyer was going to pay cash for.  At the last minute, the buyers decided to finance the lot.  Meaning…appraisal and time tied up with the lending institution.  We are hopin’ and wishin’ and prayin’ that both of these close this week.

We’ve been closely examining the commission split between us and the office (any office, actually) to see what value there is to relinquishing a sizeable portion to someone else.  Of the portion we give up, maybe half of that is used for office space (sharing a table) and some marketing expense.  It seems that the other half is profit for the owner.  We’ve determined there is no other costs involved that we aren’t paying for ourselves out of the portion we retain.  Will keep you posted.

Our “Uncle Buddy” dog passed away in his sleep the other day.  He was diagnosed with irregular heart condition 17 months ago.  If he was a human, a pacemaker would have been installed.  So, with medication he lived almost a year and a half more really good and happy years.  We’ve buried him and for right now, everyone else seems healthy.

Lazerkitty was eating like a horse until a couple of days ago.  Now, she is still eating but without the same gusto.  Guess she’ll have to get her fluids today or tomorrow.

Okay, got to get busy.  Have a couple of buyers I am working with that I need to do some research for.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to vote.


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