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Dec 08, 2010 Changing The Blog December 9, 2010

Good Evening.  I guess the blogging first thing in the morning just isn’t working out.  I am going to start blogging from the office, first thing in the business day.

The office is almost complete. The landlord has changed the locks, replaced the light and trimmed the bathroom door so it will shut!

We are very saddened by the passing of Elizabeth Edwards.  What a lady!

Our business cards get delivered tomorrow.  Tonight I am going to work on a flyer announcing our new office.  It will be in a format that is easily emailed to our friends, clients and of course, my mom.

It has been so cold here the last few days.  This morning was 9 degrees, but the day did warm up to 33 degrees.  The first day the temperature was above freezing in days.

More tomorrow!


One Response to “Dec 08, 2010 Changing The Blog”

  1. Mom Says:

    You said more tomorrow – it is definitely past tomorrow.

    Love, Mom

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