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Dec 19, 2010 Walking at 24 Deg December 19, 2010

Good Morning.

Definitely some brrrr in the air this morning. I’ve been awful about walking the last couple of months. What makes it worse is that I KNOW I’ve been awful about it.  Last night when I sat down to the computer, I noticed I could feel the sides of my waist with my arms again. That was the motivation I needed (I hope).

Our client from Houston received an acceptable counter-offer to a really nice house in the Greens Creek area.  We’ll start getting her inspections scheduled shortly after New Year’s.  That should close at the end of February.

Our clients from St Pete are ready to submit an offer on a house not far from where we live. The house, while seemingly structurally sound and on a nice piece of property – is completely stuck in the 80s. Brown and orange is the motif. Appliances are harvest gold. The buyers will have to do a lot of ripping out, so we are hoping the sellers will be motivated. Especially considering the property has been on the market for close to two years.

We went to Asheville yesterday to do a meager bit of holiday shopping and get some staples like kitty litter and dog food.  We hate to run out of that kind of thing if it snows.  Twenty years ago we could have carried the 50 pound bags of dog food up the driveway, but I’m not so certain we could make it happen now.

I’m thinking about my family constantly and wish I could use a Harry Potter wand and make everything all better N O W ! ! !  Why does everything that is worthwhile take so long? I want good health to surround my family and all stress to disappear immediately.

We’ve started getting visitors to our office and its a big hit.  Obviously it was a good move because now we are able and have to really concentrate on work.

We went to Western Carolina University the other night and saw a free holiday concert put on by the Community Chorale and the Smoky Mountain Brass Band.  It was absolutely wonderful.  We’d seen the announcement in The Sylva Herald, but I noticed when I was walking in the hallway at WCU that there are a number of free to inexpensive programs out there.  They do have a website that we will need to visit often so we’ll know about the happenings.  Leslie had a great idea to connect those programs to our marketing…we’ll keep tabs on the wcu website and when we see programs of interest, we can email our sphere of influence to tell them about it.  Not only does it keep us in touch with folks, but it serves a good community purpose of advertising these worthwhile programs.  We’ll let you know how it works out.

Hope to blog again tomorrow! Have a great day.


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