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Dec 20, 2010 Happy Birthday Mitchell December 20, 2010

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Good Morning! One of my little brothers has a birthday today.  I was looking at the black and white photo of the four of us that I believe my Dad to this day still carries. I’ve always been a little jealous that as a baby and a young kid, Birthday Boy was gorgeous. Big brown eyes in an adorable face.  Not that he isn’t still pretty darned adorable…

This past week has been crock pot corner.  Instead of stopping nightly at Food Lion to pick up some sort of sustainable food, I spent some time last Sunday and reviewed a couple of crockpot cookbooks and actually made out an eating and dining plan along with a real shopping list. 

I made a zucchini souffle, which my mother wanted to know why I would ruin a perfectly good souffle with zucchini. But, it was pretty darned good. The zucchini is shredded, so it isn’t like you have to encounter big chunky pieces.

I also made Mexican Lasagne, which has the potential to be excellent. The main flaw in the recipe was precooking the lasagne noodles and then cooking them for 6-8 hours. Thank goodness I did not cook them all the way to start with, but I’d almost consider not pre-cooking at all. Otherwise, could turn out to be my favorite kind of lasagne.

The Creamy Vegetable Soup was close to flawless.  The recipe called for a full teaspoon of ground black pepper and for sure, the next time I have a head cold I will make the soup with the full teaspoon. Otherwise, I think half a teaspoon will suffice.

Chicken Breasts ala Orange was good too.

Kat’s Greek Stew…not so much. The overall flavor was wonderful, but it didn’t have a lot of presentation pizazz. The sauce was a spicy sweet sauce and the beef was great.

So….out of the five recipes, I probably got an easy 20 servings of meals. Not bad, huh?

Walked today in 19 deg weather, although no wind. So, yes…bitter cold, but could have been worse.

Have a great day!


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