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Dec 21, 2010 An Offer in the Mix December 21, 2010

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We got the signed documents back for our contract yesterday. Now we’ll start getting the inspections set up.  If our Houston lady gets her Houston house under contract soon, she could maybe close sooner than 2/28/11.  We’ve conveyed the offer for the St Pete people and are waiting for a response.  If we can get agreement on price and terms, they can close within 30 days.

We will send out the announcement for the new office today and begin regular and consistent contact with our “sphere of influence”.  Studies have proven that if agents would do that, there would be a higher level of buyers and sellers coming to them and near as much time spent or wasted on trying to do the “cold calling” method.  It is much more efficient and enjoyable to take care of the people you already know then to constantly be on the prowl for new people.  Working by referral is best.

My dad was transferred back to the hospital from the rehab for thrush. His throat in so sore that it is interfering with everything. He can’t talk and doesn’t want to eat because of the pain.  I hope the New Year will be a renewal of good health for my dad and a little rest for my mom and brother.

This morning was a little warmer, 32 deg. I took a break from walking because my hip muscles hurt just a little.  I’ll resume tomorrow.

We’ll also deliver holiday cards in person and on-line today.  With the postage rate as high as it is, we just can’t justify or afford the expense. We really like the personal approach though and just love the online cards from Jacquie Lawson.

Have a great day and I’ll be back tomorrow.


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