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Dec 22, 2010 The Christmas Card Dilemna December 22, 2010

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Good Morning!

I just read a really good blog about Christmas Cards. The writer debates every year about taking the time and expense to send cards.  She opted in the end to physically rather than virtually send cards. I know fewer and fewer cards are mailed every year and I think that is okay.  From an economic and environmental stand, it makes sense to me. 

Maybe we were in retail for too long, but Christmas has always been an exhausting and over-indulgent time for me and many, many other people.  Its not that I don’t love my family and friends, its not that at all. Its kind of like during election time. Television viewers and newspaper readers are force fed opinions and half truths about the candidates.  During the holiday season, the ads for consumption will just plain wear you out.  People are encouraged to purchase what they can’t afford and give, give, give to people what they probably don’t need or will never use.  The greatest gift we can give each other is kindness, caring and communication.

Back to the Christmas Cards. The writer was telling her readers how much pleasure she gets when she gets a card in the mailbox with a handwritten note. Absolutely, it is a pleasure. However, I find I get as much pleasure sending and receiving some of the beautiful pieces of art available to us on the web.  We do a mixture of cards. A few cards we mail, a few are included in the gifts we give, many are hand delivered locally and the majority are delivered electronically.

Isn’t the most important thing simply that we remember and love each other not only this time of year, but all throughout the year as well?

Have a wonderful day and I would like to think everyone is taking this time of year to think warmly of those who aren’t as blessed as they are with shelter, family, friends and food.


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