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Dec 29, 2010 New Responsibilities December 29, 2010

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Well…owning our own company means taking responsibility for all of the things we counted on others to do for us in the past. Such as dealing with odd stuff happening with the internet, figuring out how to make our software work, buying lightbulbs for the office, dealing with the nuts and bolts of office running.  What an adventure it is.

At least it was moderately warmer today.  The forecast was for 46 deg, but I think it only got to 36 deg. Sooo, still chilly.

Our clients from St Pete are here to attend their home inspection. Brrr. At least the seller had someone staying at the house and the utilities are on. Let’s hope everything is functioning well.

I started a beef and vegetable soup this morning in the crockpot.  One of the base ingredients is hot and spicy vegetable juice.  Should be good, we’ll see.

A friend of ours gave us a chocolate red wine and it was yummy.  Tastes like Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Will blog more tomorrow.


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