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Jan 13, 2011 We’re Out January 13, 2011

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Finally, we are off the mountain and in our Dillsboro, NC office.  The street here still has ice and snow on it. As we drove to the office today we couldn’t believe the amount of snow!  Usually, when we come off Balsam the farther west we drive, the smaller amount of snow we see.

So, while snowbound, we’ve been reviewing the atrocities commited by our former real estate employer.  Since they never paid the judgment and because the are generally bad people, we’ve decided to follow the lead of another colleague from the same company and file complaints against them with the NC Real Estate Commission and the NC Bar Association.  Evil flourishes when good people do nothing.  So I should have been blogging, but oddly enough when all you see is snow, shoveling, cold temps, drying dogs and parking at the bottom of the drive – a sort of depression sets in.  Lousy excuse, I know.

Both of our closings are proceeding, thank goodness.  We can use the income.  This weather is very expensive.  Since we’ve been working from home we have been using extra fuel and electricity. Ouch.

We hope to be able to show some houses this weekend as long as the roads are clear.  The highways are all in very good shape, but some of the secondary roads still have snow and ice on them.  We need to be safe.

My mother and brother both have colds, so their visits to the hospital have to be cautionary.  Not only do they not want to pass a cold onto my father, they need to be careful with their own immune systems.

Here’s hoping I won’t need to wait until my most loyal reader reminds me to blog again…although, you’d think the email with all of the photos would have provided some grace!

Have a good day.


One Response to “Jan 13, 2011 We’re Out”

  1. Mom Says:

    I think it is past time for a blog.

    Love, Mom

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