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Feb 06, 2011 Playing Chicken February 6, 2011

We got a call from the listing agent we’d been dealing with on an offer for our clients.  The offer fell apart more than a week ago because the sellers were not willing to negotiate with our buyers.  The buyers have moved on to looking at other properties.  These sellers were now willing to take the last offer tendered by the buyers, of course, are interested.  This just isn’t the right real estate market to play chicken in.

We dodged a huge weather bullet last week.  It is wild to hear about the weather in Chicago, Houston, New England – wow.  We are supposed to get “significant” snow this week according to the weather dude. Yippee.

We are working with a new client. She is the curator for the Mountain Heritage Museum at Western Carolina University.  She hosted an exhibit on Thursday for the planned Appalachian Women’s Museum in Dillsboro.  We sent emails to our clients in support of the effort and we were pretty pleased to see several show up.  I hope the event helped the efforts of volunteers creating this museum.  There was a reception with sparse food offerings and then later a concert by the “Freight Hoppers” from Bryson City.  Except for being incredibly crowded in this little auditorium and very hot, it was enjoyable.

Got a really good phone call from my mother yesterday.  I could hear the smile and lightness in her voice.  My father has had a couple of really good days and had a transfusion of packed red blood cells.  I’m not certain what they are packed with, but humor must have been one of the elements.  Mom said he was joking with the nurses and carrying on good conversations with visitors.  I’m not a big fan or a fan at all of football, but my youngest brother will visit him today and probably watch the SuperBowl with Dad.

Tomorrow we need to engage the phone company about our bill.  Don’t you just hate when you order services at a certain price and then receive the bill that doesn’t reflect the price at all? Nor can anyone talk to you about it?  The phone bills are so confusing with all these supposed discounts, surcharges and taxes.

We watched a couple of episodes of Glee yesterday.  There was a marathon on one of the stations.  The show is a huge pop hit and we weren’t familiar with it at all. Pretty good show. Good music and they tackle the issues of high school, including bullying.  We’ll need to watch out for it.

We are continuing to really like having our own office.  Our clients really like it too.  We are already getting clients just from our new name.  MoonDancer Realty seems to resonate with folks.

Well, have to go now.  I need to download some photos from my camera and email them to my mother. She’d like to see what the office looks like.

Have a great day.


One Response to “Feb 06, 2011 Playing Chicken”

  1. Mom Says:

    Today is 2/20/2011 time for another blog.

    Love, Mom

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