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Feb 21, 1011 Mildly Put February 21, 2011

Good Morning.  The weather is unseasonably mild and perfect for walking.  Not so perfect for fighting fires though.  There are several going on in Western NC. None near us, but the wind and dry conditions are helping them pop up everywhere.

Watched the news last night and the local lead was about a rescue of a Walking Treeing Hound.  Looked just like Floyd.  The female dog had managed to get herself stuck on a ledge about 35 feet above the road.  All skin and bones.  The Rescue Squad used what looked like a 100 foot horizontal ladder to get to her.  She probably weighed about 50 pounds.  The rescue dude managed to get a lasso on her and pull her to him with her back to him.  She was so freaked that she grabbed the rung of the ladder with her two front paws and hung on.  He got her turned around and both made it to terra firma safely.  She immediately started eating the crunchies and did have the grace to look a little foolish.  Hounds can look that way.

Showed property all day in Franklin.  Just as the clients were feeling pretty disappointed in the pickings, they found “the house”.  Its a foreclosure and we should be writing an offer on it later this afternoon.  These guys have found two “the house”s so far. Have even made good offers on them but they just haven’t worked out.  We’re hoping for the whole third time is the charm thing.

Tried one of the recipes that Leslie’s been collecting last night.  Really good and really simple. Pita pizzas.  Whole wheat pita rounds for the crust – baked at 400 deg for about 5 minutes. Then a layer of pizza sauce, crisp stir fried veggies and mozzarella. Bake for 10 minutes more.  They would be so easy to personalize – I might try feta and shrimp pizzas tonight.

My parents both sound much lighter hearted lately.  My dad feels better so my mom feels better. That makes the whole family feel better.

Well, big day today so I’d better get going. Have a great day.


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