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Feb 24 2011, Foreclosure Foray February 24, 2011

Good Morning. Our clients made an acceptable offer on a foreclosure in Franklin.  We are waiting for signed paperwork.  From other real estate agents, we understand that the paperwork wheel turns slowly in foreclosures.  This should be interesting.

Our colleague who had his commission stolen by a mutual former broker filed his complaint with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and the North Carolina Bar Association.  He stopped in yesterday for a visit.  He had named us and our circumstances in his complaint.  The REC and BAR contacted us for a written account.  So, we’ve finally submitted our grievances with the right entitities.  Let’s see if these associations really are there to protect the public from people like those two.

Some former clients, now friends, invited us to a birthday party at the end of March for Pat’s mom – 94 year old Gretchen.  We hope we can come up with a good gift for her.

Its raining this morning, very lightly.  We need the moisture.

Our Houston lady’s closing looks like it will go off on time.  We’ll do a walk through at 8am ;-( and the closing is at 9am ;-).  She’s getting a really nice house with an incredible view at a good price.

Our other client is doing some research on a house she really likes in Webster. It’s quirky though.  She is examining the feasibility and expense of changing out a spiral staircase and putting in a standard stair.  We met with an architect and builder Tues evening and are waiting for the estimate.  If its something she can live with, she’ll submit an offer.  If not, we move on to something else.

It sounds like my mom and dad are doing much better in Port Charlotte.  That’s great news. I really miss them.

Have a very good day.


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