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Feb 25, 2011 All Closed Up February 25, 2011

Well, we had a successful walk through and closing. My day started with an 8am walkthrough of the house in Greens Creek.  Everything looked fine.  The sellers’ agent had called the day before to warn us that the hot tub had been dismantled.  The seller had wanted to surprise the buyer by filling the hot tub for her.  When they did that, the hot tub had a leak. So the seller went ahead and made arrangements for the new part and repair.  That was nice of them.  Then we went to the closing and that went smoothly. 

Then I had a 10:30 appointment with a potential new lister.  I didn’t know what to expect, it was for a doublewide.  Turns out the sellers couldn’t have been nicer and they had a charming house.  We talked about the market and what I thought the property would need to list for.  I’ve offered to prepare a seller’s net sheet for them so they can clearly see what their bottom lines might need to be.

At noon, we had an appointment with the couple who have made an offer on the foreclosed house in Franklin.  We needed to amend the offer and sign the addendum.   We got through that pretty easily and I scanned and emailed the docs back to the listing agent.  Now all we have to do is wait for the seller to sign and return them.  The buyers are ready to go with their inspections.

At 2pm, some former clients came by with the newest member of their family…Daisy, the labradoodle.  The eight month old puppy put Sienna’s nose seriously out of joint.  What a well behaved puppy though. And Sienna will get over it.

Finally, with a few minutes without people – Leslie was able to figure a deposit with our commission check.  Sadly, she informed me they were already committed. Sigh…guess I need to sell another house.

Gas went up 20 cents a gallon today. Ridiculous.

Anyway, back to work!


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