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Feb 26, 2011 Buyers Have Parents Too February 26, 2011

Well, we leave in a few minutes to meet the buyers of the foreclosed house.  Both sets of parents will be joining us to look over their kids’ choice.  I think they’ll be pleased with the house, not so much the distance from Sylva.  Afterwards we are going out to lunch, probably in Franklin.

We are going to keep our eyes peeled for any and everything that might need to be inspected with the house.

Had a really nice email from one of our former buyers.  He and his wife are firefighters from Palm Beach County.  They bought a vacant lot in Sylva.  The lot had been advertised with a septic installed.  Kevin has had a devil of a time getting it located.  We were starting to be afraid that the tank wasn’t there.  We put Kevin in touch with some good people and he ultimately found it.  I had forwarded an article in the local news about the developer of his being cited for operating an illegal mine.  Here’s his response:

“Hi Mona, You know I have spent a little time digging on my property.  However, I was not looking for gold…maybe I should switch out what I am searching for.  Ironically, today I can say my crappy situation has turned to gold.  Tim Hodges, Slade Smathers and Russell Jenkins were at the lot today and actually dug down to the tank.   It was where Flint said it was and actually far away from where the drawing and the health department guessedimated it was.  I think the Health Department learned a little bit about their process and the quality of drawings they accept. 

 Michele and I are lucky to consider you as our friend…but we are equally happy to have done business with you.   To say service after the sale does not do you justice.  Your efforts alone made us feel at ease during our little dilemma…beyond that, your contacts with Flint and Tim both have worked out great.   

 So again, we thank you.

 Kevin and Michele.”

I’ve got to admit – great way to start the day!


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