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Mar 2, 2011 Been Really Busy March 3, 2011

I don’t know if having your own real estate company is incredible motivation to work or what, but we seem to be non-stop busy…and not just busy work either.  We are getting phone calls from our ads and referrals from associates and past clients.  We have three new listings and two more good potential buyers.

I spent the morning in Franklin today at the inspections for the foreclosure house.  Everything looked really good and it appears we will be proceeding to a closing on April 5th.  One of the inspections was of the chimney.  The young man who showed up to do the inspection was the son of customers from Venture Out.  This young man was a young boy when we had the outdoor store.  He remembered the Waynesville store and Lucky, our Camper Beagle.  He is married now and has a 22 month old daughter.

 The estimates are in for our other client looking at the house in Webster.  We meet with her to draw up an offer.

Tomorrow is the Board of Realtors luncheon at Harrah’s Casino.  After that we have a telephone conference with a new client.

I’m looking forward to talking to my mother tomorrow.  Sure hope its all good news in Florida!


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