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Mar 6, 2011 A Matter of Connecting March 6, 2011

Good Morning.

It is absolutely pouring outside and has been doing so since 10pm last night.  Our forecast is for this to continue through the day and then we can look forward to some light snow tonight.

Real Estate can be fun.  Yesterday, while frustrating with interuptions was…well…frustratingly fun.  The dog agent in the company thought so too.  Our day started with a listing appointment.  The new clients seem like really nice, hardworking people.  They have a doublewide on a pretty lot to sell.  Mr Client even volunteered to place our signs for us.

We’re trying to take a new tack with listings. Since there are so many listings on the market right now, many of them over priced, over cluttered and just plain messy – we’ve decided to be selective about what we list and how we list them.  Sometimes we forget we are the experts. People come to real estate agents for their expertise. So…now we give it.  We are trying to be brutal in a nice way about the pricing.  We also want a lot of personal clutter packed up.  That is kind of awkward to ask of people, but we’ll get over it. And clean – we only want clean listings.  We’ve decided the very worst that will happen is they won’t list with us.  Doesn’t mean we can’t still sell the listing if someone else gets the listing plus we’ll have gained some valuable insight into the motivation of the potential lister.

Listings are expensive, so we must be selective.

After the listers left, we got news that the museum curator’s offer had been accepted.  This is kind of cool because the house she ultimately chose is one that we had listed in 2005.  Now we’ll get busy on her inspections, etc.

We also worked with another new listing.  Interesting to note how much you can learn from all transactions.  We’d had occasion to be involved with a listing held by a Trust.  One of the attorneys in town that we like to have our clients use for closing had brought to our attention that it isn’t sufficient to take at face value when someone says they have signature rights for a Trust.  Now, we ask to see the Trust so that we can be sure all who need to sign are put on the documents.  Much easier to take a little more time up front rather than in the heat of negotiations later.

I spoke with Dad yesterday and he sounds so good. Chipper actually.  Mom and my brother took him to a restaurant for lunch.  It sounds like he is getting strong enough to be taken out in a car.  Mom sounds happy and younger too. I miss them.

Well, let’s see what today brings. Have a good day yourselves.


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