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Mar 6, 2011 Second Blog Today March 6, 2011

Just read a blog on ActiveRain about the things real estate agents shouldn’t say but do…this was my comment:

There are so many….speck houses, does that mean built for speckulation? Motivated seller, duh? Listing agent must accompany. Why?  How about 24 hours notice to show? Again, why?  Remove shoes before showing. Guess we should trust the sellers’ housekeeping skills?, Then there are the agents who couldn’t afford spell check…dinning room (sounds noisy), grate room (all I can say is HUH?), resent appraisal (well, yeah), bare right at the stop sign (the visual, yikes), creek boarders property line, great neighborhood (uh huh), and the well worn…MUST SEE!

A book complete with illustrations of these pearls of wisdom could be a great fundraiser for a local MLS!

Mona Gersky, GRI, ABR – MoonDancer Realty, Dillsboro, NC


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