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Mar 7, 2011 Initial Meetings with Sellers March 7, 2011

Great blog and respectful comments this morning on ActiveRain. An agent from Illinois blogged about always wanting his first meeting with sellers to take place at his office.  He never gives a price until he’s hired because like most of us – we’ve worked for free too many times.

I like creating a “give and take” atmosphere with our clients.  An initial visit to the property is important for me.  Its a great time to see the sellers in their own environment and to assess potential marketing or showing issues.  We use this first visit as an opportunity to review the Working With Real Estate Agents brochure. After the tour of the home, we let the sellers know what we will do for them if they sign with us and give an update of the market in general.

At this point, if this is a listing we want to represent and the sellers commit to hire us, we set an appointment to meet at the office in a few days. We commit to have ready for them the CMA, the Seller Net Sheet and the suggestions for making their home more marketable.

This arrangement works well for us.  The sellers appreciate the assessment of the personal visit to the house and then they have an opportunity to see us in our “professional” surroundings.  It lends more credence to proving to them we have a real business dedicated to selling their home and don’t just live on the fly out of our cars.

I did like the blogger’s point of view to not go to a lot of trouble preparing a CMA before meeting the client.  Listing houses is expensive – very expensive.  A thorough CMA can take a couple of hours.  What a shame to go through that exercise before actually seeing (and smelling) the house!

Have a great day!


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    Past due time for new blog!

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