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April 24, 2011 Easter Morning Walk April 24, 2011

Good Morning, I went for my walk today and when I got back to check email – there was a comment from someone other than my most faithful reader!

It was the mother of our client who just closed on a house with her husband in Franklin.  You remember, the gorgeous house that had been a foreclosure.

Yesterday was a two festival day.  First, the Easter Hat Parade in Dillsboro and the Greening Up The Mountains in Sylva.  Beautiful sunshiny day, hot hot hot. So, I got a little sunburned which should be helpful for my new drivers license photo tomorrow.

I took a ton of pictures in Dillsboro and when we got home last night I started to process them from the camera to the computer.  The combination of taking so many pictures and having the battery on while downloading to the computer just wore the battery out.

So…now that I have two wonderful mothers pushing me to complete a task, I guess I’d better do it!

Have a great day and check my other blog later!


2 Responses to “April 24, 2011 Easter Morning Walk”

  1. Mom Says:

    Enjoy your other blog but glad you are not forgetting this one.

    Love, Mom

  2. Mom Says:

    Dear Mona,

    You are forgetting this blog – that is sad.


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